Thursday, December 22, 2011

Welcome back.

Welcome back. It's been awhile and I've certainly missed this. A place to get away from things and just write. I apologize for my unannounced absence. I have been through quite a bit in the past few months. But through everything, am I only stronger. I will try and keep things updated, although I am currently without internet where I am living. Don't you worry about that though. I'll figure it out. ;) Just try and keep up. Which over the past several months hasn't been hard. ;) I have had a lot of post ideas but never quite got them down. I'm sure theres some floating around somewhere. Got any ideas?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gone but not Forgotten.

John Emory Wardrip.
May 28, 1947 - June 6, 2011

It's nearly been a week since you've left us for the sky, but still the pain remains, I can't believe this is goodbye. Gone but not forgotten, you're always in my heart. Even though we're many miles and many worlds apart.

The words "I will miss you," cannot begin to explain, all the times we've spent together and all the memories we've gained. Sitting on your lap and listening to you say, "You girls are so beautiful in your own special way."

Though you are not with us on this sad and darkened day, we'll bow our heads down low for a short moment to pray.

"Dear heavenly Father in the sky up above, please watch over all the ones that we love. Grant them good times and a family so blessed. Take care of our loved ones as they lay and rest.

Render us safe for as long as we live. Please open our hearts so much as to give. We'll meet them someday, not now but again. Keep the family strong, dear God..Amen."

As I look at the sky, I see a bright star. I know you'll protect me wherever you are. When I go to the beach, I'll write your name in the sand, I'll make a left turn, drive a Ford, lend a hand.

I'll catch the biggest fish the world has yet to see, I'll be the brave, strong, woman that you always taught me to be. Gone but not forgotten, you're always in my heart. Even though we're many miles and many worlds apart.

-Brittany Wardrip and Haley Oliver.

Friday, January 7, 2011

My 18th Birthday.

I know.. It's a little late. But I just found the card they were on. Thought I'd go ahead and put them on here. Over a year later. :) Jordan and I :)

Emma and I :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dear Baby.

Dear Baby,
I'm a little over four months pregnant with you now. I've begun feeling you move. It's pretty exciting. It feels like a flutter. Daddy can't feel you yet, but he will. I have my twenty week ultra sound in ten days. I'll get to see what gender you are. Daddy and I can't hardly wait. My belly is getting big. That means you're growing. I can't wait to feel you kick for the first time. I can't wait to see how big you've gotten when I go in for my check up. I bet you've grown alot. I can barely lay on my stomach anymore. I hope I'm not squishing you when I do. heh. I don't even know you yet but I love you sooo much. Daddy loves you too. Daddy lays on my stomach and gives you kisses. He talks to you too. He tells you that he loves you. :) I can't wait for you to meet him. He is so wonderful and caring and loving. He's the one that's been talking me through everything and taking such good care of me. He will do the same for you too. He will will be so good to you just as he is to me. You will love him so much.
I love you Baby.
Love Mommy. :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

On a Spring day...

As I'm looking up into the clear blue sky I feel the cool water rushing over my bare feet. I can smell the sweet essence of Spring Honeysuckles. I hear the stream trickling over the rocks. I'm not alone. I hear a slightly concealed voice to the left of me. I hear words, not being exchanged but being read. My arm stings a little. " Haley...? It's your turn." I look down at the paper in my hands. The page is crumbled and it's edges have been burned. I read... "What ever we do, What ever we say, What ever life's long journey may bring. Here's four of our sisters, There's eight of our hands. Bring us together and tie us a band. Keep us together and never let go, no matter how hard our willow may blow.

And so, it begins...

Saturday, May 8, 2010